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nakamaru's maji desuka !

etto, I've been meaning to put some energy into watching Nakamaru's "Shuiichi" and Koki's "Bakushou! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu"... it's a lot, and I'm failing miserably BUT, I did manage to get in an episode of Shuiichi. It's fun actually. Well Maru's part was fun... it's not every time one gets to see his bony long toes, or his facial expressions while getting a Thai massage or a leisurely walk on the beach with a horse, or playing or attempting to play beach volleyball or him enjoying some tasty local seaside meal.... his segment called - Maji Desuka !!!!

Fun Watch!

from: 20110814 Shuiichi Sunday Countdown
Tags: fangirl-ing, members: nakamaru yuichi, tv shows

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