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20110803 Tore - falling fairy ueda :-)

It's not everyday we get to genuinely laugh at Ueda right?. I mean, he's always composed or at least he seems to be.

But on Tore, it's a whole new personality... well to me at least.  Tore is a weird but funny game show, and the 20110803 episode featured Koki and Ueda, as part of their 'Run For You' promotion.

Anyway, so let's laugh at Tatchan, the pic above is him hanging on for "his dear life" after his quiz question. Below are screencaps leading up to his 'Fall' lol


The last time I saw Tatchan, he and Koki were hanging on tightly for "their lives".....

The next time I saw him, this was happening or what had happened - everyone was surprised:

Hehehe, Tatchan's disappearance caught everyone off guard. (giggle) I cracked up watching the replay

Here's what the video recorder had to show:

HAhahaha ! our favourite fairy was caught falling to where, I don't know but somewhere below (giggle)...
anyway, it's really funny watching the action and how he sounds when he's flustered >.<
What made it even funnier was how they (Tore) kept playing the first line of 'Real Face' Lol

Koki-kun did great, he actually won his team a point by himself >.< 

Afterall, Johnnies can do anything !

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