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So after finally convincing a friend of mine to watch One Pound Gospel, in which Kame stars, she finally watched and couldn't contain herself at 2:30 in the morning. Here's our conversation via mobile messaging:

Friend: I.LOVE.KAME!!! I love him! I Iove him! I love him!<3 <3 <3
Me: Lol what scene did u just see?
Friend: Just generally..I am in LOVE with this character..and he's soooooooooooo handsome<3<3
Me: I know. No wonder I love the boy so much!    He's adorable
Friend: AND sexy!!
ME: His smile, his childish behavior......
Friend: This character might be the end of me<3
Me: His voice and his "sista angela"
Friend: Lol
Me: Hands off!
Friend: LOL!! Hello..I am entitled to admiration..and lust B-)
Me: Lol well I feel honoured that I have good taste
Friend: You doooo..
Me: I'm dying to see him in another movie next year
Friend: He's coming out in 1? Or are you just talking generally?
Me: That's me wishing
Friend: *sigh*..if onlyyyy
Me: I'm sure he will.... The press can't get enough of him
Friend: Cuz he's DAT fantabulous:D
Me: I met him in the 1st jdrama I ever watched and I'm happy.... I nearly went crazy trying to find out who's that!
Friend: What drama was that?
Me: Hitotsu no koi. he was so skinny back in the days lol
Friend: OMG..that was my 2nd Kame..Nobuta was my first, Yamato then Sapuri. Hitotsu was my fav charac of him..til Gospel<3
Me: For real If I had to choose... Sapuri was kool too
Friend: His hair was lonnnngggg
Me: Yea it suited him. He was so young and chirpy:D
Friend: Yes he was :)
Me: I'm gonna dream about him tonight!
Friend: I think I would too  <3<3
Me: What episode are u in gospel?
Friend: Just started ep 4. He was soooo cute in ep 3 with how excited he was when Sister was subbing for the Chairman
Friend: =))
Me: Lol he gets cuter
Friend: IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?! *dies*
Me: Yes with kame cuter is always possible :p I'm telling you the dude is delicious!
Friend: He sooooooooo is..Delicious is like the perfect adjective:D
Me: Hahaha well enjoy the rest of gospel and tell me how u like it's my bedtime(=|
I'm dying from Kame's sweetness :). Night night!

I'm just saying, looking back and reading this conversation is saying something..... we are really totally KAMECRAZY!!!!!! Is anyone else this weird??? hahahaha
Tags: fangirl-ing, member: kamenashi kazuya

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