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picspam : - 20110710 Kamenashi's Home Run Project - part 2

I'm super late with this picspam BUT

... the final playoff of Kame's Home Run Project ! ! !

Kame meets Johnny Kuroki  - the mystery guest mentioned in part 1 (here)

Ball 79 -- Johnny Kuroki is now the pitcher - will this bring luck to our Kame-chan?

Ball 92 - another near encounter >.<

Ball 92 - sighs - everyone was keeping their fingers crossed that it's a home run hit... but it wasn't :-(

Ball 92 - that darn ball just won't fly away... Kame-chan looked so flustered and grew more frustrated with each ball - and I mean, who wouldn't !  - balls were running out

Taking a break... and I'm sure there's more to observe here
(sweat dripping from his chin... his hair hanging in his face... his thinking expression... his crooked yet sexy nose etc etc)

It really was painful watching him there staring at the ball which bounced so near to the fence.
he stared a few seconds then walked away with his expression

*breath slowly Kame-chan" >.<

The 95th Ball - Another near encounter.... I don't know which to hate more... that stubborn ball or that stupid fence!

The 95th Ball - I couldn't bear seeing him this frustrated but at the same time I loved it that he was doing his best!

My flustered and frustrated kame-chan

The last stand - 100 of 100 balls - gambatte ne Kame-chan - even already knowing the end result I was still inwardly chanting and wishing to see the hit !

Ball 100 - Gomen ne Kame-chan - runs to hug him -
So yeah Kame didnt make his home run, 'curses that green fence for blocking the complete hit'

... and he's apologizing to everyone around him

You can tell that he feels defeated... completely

Isn't he just adorable acting like a shy and child-like apologizing ?

... and although he didn't make his home run he still got his ball signed saying 'home run'

And there we have it !

BUT at the end of the day he did great and this is what we love to see him do best... Smile !!!!!

Omedetou Kame-chan.  

You made your home run in other ways like:
  1. Being a Sports Caster on a major TV programme is a great opportunity
  2. He met so many people not to mention the many opportunities playing with the professional baseball players that he admires... playing with them and being trained by them... and gaining their trust to believe in his ability is a major accomplishment
  3. I'm sure his involvement in baseball has gained a lot of fans/supporters for the sports
  4. Kame's popularity has risen and he's not only seen as an idol but as a responsible adult who is good at anything he does - frankly put - he's got one foot out in the real world as well *___*
  5. And there' re many more to list but let me just say that Kame showing us this AWESOME side of his are moments to die for *_____*
  6. Arigatou Kame-chan

(c) 20110710 Going! Sports&News
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