kissmegreen (Lyan) (kissmegreen) wrote,
kissmegreen (Lyan)

happy birthday Mr smarty pants (^_^)

Belated Birthday Wishes to Mr "Smarty Pants" Shige-kun

Shige has his unique charm... It's a combination of his intellence, his poetic undertones in his 'Photoshigenic' writings,  his very candid moments, his unconventional view on relationships, his deep voice yet playful tone, the fact that he's a dork when sports is involved, and his greater charm - that he's not afraid to admit such, a smile that puts you at ease and;
... the reassurance that there are simplier but finer people in life... such as Mr. Kato Shigeaki himself
Tags: fangirl-ing, news: member: shigeaki kato (shige)

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