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[picspam] 20110612 Going! Sports&News - Pitcher Challenge

Kame totally forgot to do his Douzo and caught on late! hehhee... choo kawaii!

This picspam is mighty long because there were so many great moments worth capturing. Kame's challenge this time around was Pitching... he had to prevent the 'batter' from getting a Home Run after eight (8) balls I think....

Anyway, the ever forceful, determined, kawaii & kakkoii Kame-chan - Douzo;

The Challenge:

Yes! this week's Going Project will be a Pitcher Challenge!

Warm-up Session: Practice

I really Laughed out Loud at seeing him behind that mesh... looking so timid.. he was probably nervous!
He looks so weird, standing behind there, waiting patiently!

He looks like a Stalker ne ... hehehhee

Flex those muscles sweetheart!

Kame-chan in Action, a good pitcher he must be for his challenge

Kame was full of chirpiness in this episode!

He's kind of intimidating like this ne... that look in his eyes just spells...
I'm gonna get him OUT in One Go!

Absolutely love this look, and it's not just for his pretty face...
BUT also his determination to get that ball where he wants it!

Kame had some of the most breathtaking and Innocent  and Adorable Smiles in this episode of Going!

Kame's Smile simply = Radiance!

Kame learning a new technique to hold the ball to make a good Pitch...
and we all know just how small Kame's hands are! hehehe

Let the Challenge Begin:

The crowd went wild screaming and applauding at the mentioned of Going's Kamenashi-san !

Yayyy, Kame making his entrance! he must have been nervous like crazy!

I swear, they cheered louder for Kame than the Professional Captain of the team...
But Of Course! It's Kame we're talking about!

More wild and hungry fangirls, as Kame was being introduced!

Being the Gentleman he is, he paid his respect to the screaming and excited crowd!

He did this, and had the whole Arena /Stadium going crazy with laughter...
NO ONE escaped his Adorable antics!

He's so kawaii... I wanna steal him !


Got THIS Response;

Of Course, Everyone gets charmed over by the Adorable Kame - and Pro-san is NO exception!

I will never grow tired of his pitcher pose!

And he's ready!

Wow, Kame's Pitcher pose is Love!

First Ball :- Kame sent the ball nearly hitting the Pro-san off his feet
- I guess the crowd and pressure was over whelming .... naturally

Second Ball :-  Near Home Run - Pro-san must have been beaming with more confidence...


Detour: There are more important things happening in this screen-cap, but I like to just focus on Kame's pitcher pose...
he's so sexy.... so darn distracting!

OK... and I'm BACK on Track:

Third Ball :- Pro-san almost got OUT by Kame (^_^)

Kame-chan, Victory was almost Yours! At that time, the entire Arena was cheering!

Of Course, Kame had to lick his lip as part of his near Victory Celebration of getting Pro-san OUT!

Eighth Ball: Such Determined look in his eyes... very convincing!

... And Victory is Kame's ! Ball fell mid field (or there about) :-)


*Confetti* &


Kame's - 'Victory is Mine' pose lol

And Of Course, his Victory Smile - I could stare at it forever...
and then there's Ueda-san in the inset, very much surprised!

Pro-san may have been laughing but I'm sure he's surprised that he Kame stopped him from making a Home Run!

Coach-san is elated with Kame's performance...  YES! He did it!
Kame did GREAT ! XD

Kame is still getting his round of applause from the Pros
Check out that guy in the far left holding his mouth... hehehe Is he still in disbelief... was he that impressed?! hehhee

Who would've thought that Kame would be able to prevent a Pro from hitting a home run... I did (^_^)

Pro-san was so amused and pleased with Kame's performance that he gave Kame his bat...
Much to Kame's surprise and happiness  XD 

... because his smile is just '....' fill in the blank
And of course he's showing off his bat!

Ueda-san has been taking private coaching as well and he displayed quite a good swing to impress Kame,
maybe even scare the turtle a bit XD

I always try not to get Ueda-san during his bad moments but;
with all my focus on getting Kame's good side Ueda-san suffers...

Demo ne, shouganai!


Hope you had fun :-)

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