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Junno & Final Fantasy

(c) ancient-tree

So a temporary worker started working in the office on Tuesday of this week and by mid afternoon Tuesday I had her enchanted by KAT-TUN. 

Yesterday, she told me that she even introduced KAT-TUN to two of her friends. Showing them the PVs that I'd shown to her and Of course, her friends fell for the Dorks as well (well except for the painted nails) lol

Anyhow, she's now drawn to Taguchi like a moth drawn to a flame or like a kid getting hyper and excited over cotton candy. She refers to him as being Prince-like as well as resembling one of those sexy and charming characters from Final Fantasy >.<

You should see the sparkle in her eyes as she stares at the Guchi XD.

What can I say, "I'm super pleased with myself"!!!

Tags: fangirl-ing, member: junnosuke taguchi, randoms

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