kissmegreen (Lyan) (kissmegreen) wrote,
kissmegreen (Lyan)

Kame, You are doing it Wrong <3

(c) fadingclouds

Do you think Kame does these things on purpose? hehehehe
Why is he kneeling like that? "poised" in submission with his little tight butt in the air *dies*

And Of Course: Jin, Nakamaru and Koki are looking on with amusement... amusement and much more I'd imagine hahaha, even Shige is stealing a peek! 
And I wonder where Massu's right hand is resting?! hehehe

Maybe they like what they see >.<

(I know I do)

Per usual, Junno x Ueda are oblivious to the whole scene, caught up in their own closet >.<

Kame, always stimulates the imagination and entertains the desires ne (^_^)

Tags: fangirl-ing, randoms

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