kissmegreen (Lyan) (kissmegreen) wrote,
kissmegreen (Lyan)

picspam: Kame - myojo 2011.08

... just because it's Kame :-)

That tongue! always wet and hanging... always teasing...
combined with that playful yet seductive sparkle in his eyes... that stare he's giving...
by now, your legs should be buckling at his mercy!

hehehe, what's up with him?! hehehe

One of his favourite poses!

I wonder what he's looking at o.O

Kawaii ! ! !

Kakkoii  ! ! !

He's just sexy in the simplest of clothing!

Kakkoiii! nothing more, nothing less (^_^)

2011.08 Myojo
Tags: member: kamenashi kazuya, picspams

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