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KAT-TUN: Pretty Idlers?!

Did you miss me?!

Of course you did, Who wouldn’t?! >.<

So even though I was technically away from the fandom, every chance I got within the last few days, I spent polluting my 11 years old niece’s mind with KAT-TUN, I just couldn’t help it.

Apparently, she likes Kame (and NO! I didn't promote him more than the others hehehe). But every time Kame popped up on the screen she’s like, “wow, why I do I like him so much?... wow… he’s so pretty…. Wow, I want to be his friend on facebook (I told her that he doesn’t have a facebook account) so she was like, “I think I want him as my phone screen saver… I want them [as in a KAT-TUN song] as my ring tone”.

So after introducing each member to her, she was like, "these names, will I ever remember them?" So then I opted to teach her the short versions. Soon after she was telling my nephew about KAT-TUN and Kame Hahahaha and she also likes the last name, 'Taguchi' and the first name "Tatsuya" and I was bouncing with happiness because the slightest hint of a JunDa moment sends me in hyper mode :-) But, in the end, I think Tatchan and Maru are tied for second place.

Like most of us, she’s still in disbelief that Tatchan is actually a boy because he’s just too pretty for her to imagine otherwise… Brit (my niece) kept on looking at Tatchan’s hair and his smile and his clothing and when she saw his muscles, she’s like wow, Aunty, it’s still hard to believe he’s a guy… but I like him… then she was like, Aunty, look at this, and pointing to Tatchan with a smile on her face she said, “tongue”. I smiled and knew better than to ask her what she was thinking and why she was shyly smiling… hehehhe… she noted Koki’s tongue as well… and I knew better than to show her Kame’s tongue, *us girls would understand why, right?*

In the end, after showing her some more scans, her conclusion was officially based from this pic:

(c) Popolo 2011.06

Brit: They are a bunch of Idlers… look in the back – Koki was just idly playing in the back lying atop the other four members who were childishly playing with some toy and they seem to be enjoying it…

Me: Oh shoot, I didn’t even notice him there *with a soft giggle*


Brit: Yep, BUT they are Pretty Idlers.

Me: Yes, they are…

She stared for a bit longer in awe before deciding it was time for her to retire to bed.


I’m the worse Aunt EVER!!!!

BUT, she’ll start high school in September so I figured she should get an early start on KAT-TUN so she can spread the KT LoVe!

... AND KAT-TUN's new single is coming out in August!!! That's great news... I'm expecting greatness!!!

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