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10+ 1 reasons why Shigeaki Kato is adorable attractive


I've found 10+ 1 reasons why I get more and more attracted to Shige; the more I read his thoughts and watch his camera blushes, the more I want to know him.

  1. He's obviously cute
  2. His voice is so deep and sexy
  3. The dude has the brilliance of a.... I don't know but he's so smart and meticulous in his way of thinking and expressing his thoughts
  4. He's dorky adorable... to the point where you think he would be boring but for me, he seems so interesting, I wouldn't mind being around him always
  5. He loves to cook and doesn't mind the girl not cooking - in his own words: "Of course I would cook for my girl!" and  "Since I love to cook by myself there's no need for my girlfriend to be able to do it".  This alone gives him 50pts out of 100.
  6. He's really into fishing. I used to go fishing with my brother, so I welcome this hobby... it's relaxing... serene... quite and pure nature...
  7. He plays the guitar - just the image of him posing with a guitar is enough for me to get feathery
  8. He's a cheesy fellow in love [giggle] but he looks so cute admitting that, "I'm not good to create romantic situations but I think I can be funny."  or his preferred feedback on his cooking - "You can also lie but please say it's good!" (lol)
  9. And in the morning after his girlfriend spent the night over at his apartment, he would - "wake up early, quickly put the apartment in order and wait preparing the lunch. I'd let her sleep as much as she wants" -  what more can a girl want?!
  10. He's a thinker, always moving ahead, "I also think that it's important what you do, think and study in your everyday life"
  11. Bonus; he's left handed - automatically earns points

So do some attributes sound familiar? Yes! the one and only turtle boy Kame-kun ^____^

Except that Kame would want his girlfriend to return the favour for him cooking... whilst Shige doesn't seem to care much about it.... I can imagine Kame would be all,

"a relationship is 50/50%, so if I cook today then it would be good if she cooked tomorrow... I would feel good knowing that she did put all that effort into cooking for me... that way we can grow together and build a stronger relationship... I would be happy"
- my imagination....

.... and of course because it's Kame, I would flail just as much even though I prefer Shige's carefree view on the topic... where  I wouldn't have to cook because I hate the kitchen!

Shige's quotes taken from: 2011.07 Saita - a home date with Shige -  here

photos: news calendar 2011.04-2012.03 & 2011.06 news potato
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