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Dazzling Kame - 20110529 Going! Sports&News

... just because Kame in Going! Sports&News lifts my spirit...... 10-fold :-)

OMG, leave it up to Kame and Ueda-san to come up with silly douzo moments...

You have to admit though.. amidst their silliness... this douzo looks pretty funny and kool
- check out Ueda-san's face LOL

Somehow I really like Kame's hair... the shade, the length, and the way it's flattened on his head...
it's a cute side profile... don't yah think??

Kame will be or rather used these specially made baseball spikes for today's home run project
... as expected, he was super excited!

Everyone wants a piece of Kame.... I was so jealous... look at where that guy's hands are resting
*sighs* what  I would do to be in his position!

The Challenge starts... RUN Kame RUN!

.... and Kame-chan is running for his life!

Epic fail... hehhee... he's so cute
but Darn, he didn't make it in time.. he's OUT!
though, I couldn't help but giggle at his defeated pose
- they even recorded the moment in black and white! *giggle*

And so, Ueda-san couldn't resist making fun of Kame :-)
Ueda-san and Kame are like....  perfect ! giggle

BUT! one thing's for sure... Kame's smiles are as dazzling as ever!

20110529 Going! Sports&News
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