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This too may be old news for some,  but for the newly converted or the late buggers (like myself), this report is as new as it is exciting.... KAT-TUN strikes again!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


KAT-TUN were trying to say their name in chinese. So it started off with Junta Nakama greeting everyone in chinese. Then KAT-TUN starts to ask him how to say their name in chinese. Koki & Nakamaru still remember how to say but Kame's pronounciation is quite off track. Kame is suppose to say "gui li he ye" but he said "gui li hou ye". Hou means monkey (LOL at Kame). When he wants to say I love you all in chinese (wo ai ni men), his read it as "wo ai ni ma", which means I love your mother! (well Kame did say he likes older women hehehe). According to fans, the tone Koki used to pronounce his chinese name is very cute.

At Fukuoka airport, Kame took off all his accessories at the checkpoint but the alarm still go on. So he let the female guard has a check on him. The female guard just keeping touching him & even ask him to remove his jacket. So koki said the female guard just wanted to touch Kame right! (I would do the same thing too)

Ueda said he experienced sleep paralysis, so he's kind of afraid of sleeping nowadays.

Nakamaru being superstitious, says that after you on the lights for 3 seconds there will be ghost. So Kame instructed to off all the lights in the concert hall and when the lights come on, Kame pointed at Nakamaru, saying "Ah, there's ghost!"

Kame mentioned meeting up with his niece after a long time. At first it's kind of awkward but after they started playing his niece said "chick chick" and smack "little Kame". (kawaii desu ne) Kame used Nakamaru as example during concert.

Kame mentioned that his wristband was being snatched just now.
Koki : Who stole Kame's wristband?
Kame : Ma ~ this is life, just take it back if you have it.
Koki : I want it too then...

Kame leaked out that they will sing FALL DOWN during MS this week!
Ueda : We can't say this out right!
Koki : Ma ~ it's ok, because this is Fukuoka.

Nakamaru was using Skype and chatting with his family (mother, grandma & sister).
Nakamaru's sister carried the dog and have no make-up so koki said, "Go make-up!" And Nakamaru's sister went off. Kame chatted with Nakamaru's mom.
Kame : Nakamaru's mom, long time no see.
Nakamaru's mom : Yes, Kame. Long time no see.
Kame : Because today's children's day, please transfer me $300,000 from Nakamaru's account.
Nakamaru's mom : Okay, I'll transfer to you using Yuichi's account yo.

Kame mentioned seeing Taguchi's mom in the audience area. Then he said his mum came too.
Fans : Gaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Koki : Why must you guys make such a big reaction to Kame?!

*** Koki, sometimes we ourselves don't know why we react to Kame the way we do!

Credits to: futari-love/miyake1028/lada hijau
Tags: concert reports, member: junnosuke taguchi, member: kamenashi kazuya, member: tanaka koki, member: ueda tatsuya, members: nakamaru yuichi

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