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KamexUeda home run bet - 20110522 Going! Sports&News

20110522 Going! Sports&News: -
So Ueda-san and Kame have this bet going on - which one of them will make a home run....

... And
so far, Guess who's leading? 

yep, check out Kame's latest victims (^_^)

Oh I really want him to make his home run... I can only imagine the joy and accomplishment he would feel XD

and this gif. below is of Egawa-san (Kame's Going! co-host) during his 'youthful' and active years as a baseball player.. they showed a clip where he went with such brute force to pitch the ball that he actually tumbled on his face...

... and so did everyone on Going!

Egawa-san - 20110522 Going! Sports&News

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