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[picspam: Let's talk baseball] : - Going! Sports&News

Going! Sports&News : - My Saturday Goodness ~ Kame-kun (^_^)

Just because I find these expressions scary, serious, rare and totally ADORABLE... all in one!
I'm giggling & melting at the same time... talking to me myself, whispering, "kawaii"

hmmm etto, does he look pissed? hehe...

Look at that frown!

I Love it! totally melting and want to still hug him

totemo kawaii Kame-kun haha

eh, any thoughts on what's happening here! ehhehehe
I just wanna pinch his cheek !

Kame-chan, why that overly 'serious baseball business talk face' o.O

daijoubu ka lolol.
and I still find myself sitting and staring and falling ! ! !

Ah, this face looks familiar ne Kame-kun XD

.... it's because he's conscious of being in front the camera...

and you know Kame has to be camera perfect..... neeee XD

credit: loveorlike
Tags: member: kamenashi kazuya, picspams

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