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2011.07 Myojo KATTUN

There are so many things to observe and laugh about in this photo... take the first half for eg. Kame is hanging onto Maru like his life depends on it... and then possessively rests his head on the accommodating shoulder... aww so cute [hard giggle]... Nakamaru of course eases into the touch!

The second half, I just like because they are just so cheerful...makes me curious to know what's cracking at them... and their expressions... look at Taguchi's posture, eyes closed and all his 32 teeth showing in utter amusement [totemo kawaii]... then Koki is standing on the far side with his signature pose, hands folded and he too gleams at whatever is so interesting... Tatchan giving his usual fairy giggle as Nakamaru eases closer to him , finally free somewhat from Kame's grip... but the Turtle won't give up... his hand still lingers on the General's shoulder! hehehehe too cute!


Title: 201107. Myojo KATTUN
Download: MF
Password:  myojo
Credit: (info in download folder)

This is another set I'm really in love with :-)

Why are people still HOTLINKING???
Why are people still being Lazy and Rude???
Tags: kat-tun, magazine scans: myojo

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