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Rekomen 2011.05.19: Taguchi’s gag for Nishikido

Rekomen 2011.05.19: Taguchi’s gag for Nishikido

Yoko: Went to the chinese restaurant that Taguchi always goes to. Taguchi kept requesting for me to think of a new line for him. He even gave a line for Ryo. which is…


Oshikido (push) Hikikido (pull) Nishikido desu!


he he he...

Come on, Admit it.... it WORKS!!!  Right?

*Junno must have been super happy with himself* he he he

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Notes: -  ReKomen is a radio show hosted by Kanjani8

Tags: member: junnosuke taguchi, news: member: nishikido ryo, randoms

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