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[picspam] chef Kame - Maquia (June, 2011)

I swear, if Kame gets any sexier than this...
... then I don't know what I'll do with myself!

Kame cook 1:-  I could sit and watch him forever....
I can just imagine his meticulous hand and body movements in preparing his dish...
the smile of satisfaction on his face... the clash of odours in my nostrils..
*long sigh.... hand resting on chin, staring in adoration*
where's his apron btw?


Kame cook 2: - I just like this pose...
he knows his way well around the kitchen ne
... *my heart is tighting at this simple yet compelling act!

Kame cook 3:- Any sexier than this and I will.... I will... I will.... die!
*tongue hanging out, wanting to taste what he's tasting*

Kame cook 4: - oh what I would do to eat Kame's home cooked meal... 'sigh'
*dooling for more than one reason*

kame cook 5: - Kame's smiling face while holding out 2 plates of his own cooking=my weakness!

Chef Kame: - Can he get any more perfect... any sexier??!!!

Kame in the Maquia June 2011 issue

(c) scan credit: gyj.j.notas

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