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KAT-TUN's Con Repo (Sendai 23 May 2010)

We all know that when it comes to Fan Service, Kame is simply the best... he never fails to deliver nosebleeds... and so more recently, Koki seemed to have joined the arena and playing along with Kame-chan....  This might be old news for some but, see what KAT-TUN were up to during their Sendai Concert 20100523:

Con 1

Kame was not as high as he was yesterday. (He was just too high!)

The sound system and the stage props were not in a very good condition. That stage that was usually didn't move and something happened to the sound system. During LIPS, the mic (which the steam or dry ice erupts from) was not working. However they were very calm and flexible. True idols!

The tattoo on Kame's arm and wrist was very kakkoi and his drumming skills improved! He had some minor mistakes during the performance and will laugh or hit the drums harder when he made mistakes. He was really cute!

He was still crazy during Nakamaru's Clinic and was shouting in a funny way during the painful part. Then he sang LOST MY WAY in a cute way.

During LOVE YOURSELF, he made the same mistake again. He sang the lyrics of the second part at the first and was laughing at his own mistake.

During SHOT (What song is this? I think it might be a typo error by the person who wrote this repo in Jap or Chi...), Kame pressed his waist against Koki's butt. (OMG)

MC Part:

Kame felt lonely when he was having his meal in the hotel, so he called Koki to eat with him. At that time Maru and Ueda were eating together as well, so the 4 of them decided to eat in the same room. After that, Junno, who already finish his food, went in and grumble about them not calling him as well. (LOL YOU'VE FINISHED YOUR FOOD. HAHAHAHA)

When they were talking about their plans of the new album, Ueda said that he wanted to have a handshaking or hugging session with his fans. Then Kame asked how was it possible to hug thousands and thousands of fans in a day?

Kame asked Junno to wake him up in the morning and Junno did. Even though Kame was thankful for it, he felt that the method was not right. He said that Junno called "Kazuya! Kazuya!" and shook his shoulders. Then when Junno went "Kazuya ah...", the fans screamed. (I think it's because of the name Junno called Kame :DDD)

Maru was like, "When did you start calling him 'Kazuya'?"
Kame said that Junno started calling him 'Kazuya' 8 years ago behind cam.

Junno also said that KAT-TUN was also very happy in the dressing room at backstage.


Con 2

During MC, Nakata-kun did an impression of Kame signaling 'OK' to the staff.

They talked about their first love.
Junno: I can't remember.
Koki: Miki-san
Ueda: There are too many.
Kame: Ikumi-san
Yuichi: Mie-san

Kame talked about his first love, Ikumi. At Kindergarten, she gave him her Mickey & Minnie Mouse chocolate during Valentines' and said, "This... Eat!"
He personally baked her a chocolate cake every Valentines' until he was Primary 4. (SO SWEET <333)
They kissed when he was... Primary 1?!

Koki: Children nowadays are so impatient. Even my youngest brother has a girlfriend!
Kame: Some time ago my niece and her friend came to play at my house. When I went in, her friend tucked her hair behind her ear and said, "Kame-chan!" She's only 4!

Kame touched Koki's private part 2 times during One Drop and put his head there!!! (KAME WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!) He repeated the action during HELL NO.

During Yorokobi No Uta, Kame said softly, "Love me?"
Koki (YES KOKI) covered his face with his hands and replied shyly, "Yeah, love you."

When they talked about special activities for their new album and what they wanna do, Kame said, "Before coming to meet us, visit the salon, apply some moisturizer, so when the skin comes in contact, the warm warm cream........." It became sort of sick and he apologized. (SO CUTE!!)

hahahaha... Kokame :)

Credit to: Taintedsugar

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