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Nakame in Dramatic Game 1844 (20110503)

I mean, I've always liked sports (I play volleyball, tennis and used to do track), BUT Kame has really gotten me into baseball.... normally, I would just watch to see him ( and I still do watch to see him) but watching Dramatic Game was mostly hearing him.... him and Nakamaru doing commentaries, yet, I was so engrossed in the game - Giants vs Tigers, and it was great... I found myself clapping at a home run or grasping at a near 'out' or 'safe', I really felt excited watching the game... and of course NaKame's commentary in the background was an added treat (^_^)

In this interview Kame was asked who he would invite to the Games and his reply:

Q: Who do you want to invite?

"K: This is someone close to me, but if I could choose it would be (Yuichi) Nakamaru.  We’ve actually been to a game at Tokyo Dome together once.  He loves baseball too.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think he’d make the game interesting.  It’d be cool to watch it with him and teach him a lot of things about the game as it goes. (laughs)"

AND he did bring Nakamaru  along with him to the - Dramatic Game 1844 - Nakamaru did well (^_^)

Kame bursting with happiness beside Maru... he must be so excited!

Oh look at that burst of happiness! he must be so happy to share this moment with a fellow KaTTUN band mate!

Nakamaru is super excited! He really did well :)))

Sakamoto-san, made a Home Run for the Giants... yayayyy... sadly, The Giants lost against the Tigers! But on another note, I have a serious crush on Sakamoto-san because he's a good player plus he's cute and he makes this cute expression with his mouth ^)^
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