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[picspam] 20110416 Sekai ichi uketai jyugyou- NaKame!

So I tried watching this programme like 4+ times but for the life of me,  I could not get past the first 5 minutes because I found it to be painfully boring. HOWEVER, knowing that Kame and Maru were guests, I had to make the sacrifice but honestly near 10 minutes through and I was beginning to fall asleep because my two fellow KT members were nowhere to be seen because THESE people (below) monopolized the first segment *laughs*:


and Her... well I think she's a her.. her voice is kinda deep!

... And this lady decorated in flowers

And that person wearing the school uniform and sporting those THICK Eyebrows... she should take lessons from Kame [giggle] maybe she's a comedian...

....And honestly, I just couldn't understand why kame and Maru would be on this programme with these weird people... I was about to give up for the fifth time when I heard the name, "Kamenashi-san" and immediately I felt alive again. ^__________^ The awaken effect would have been the same if Nakamaru-san was called first (I'm just saying):)))

My excitement piqued when Kame started rolling a ball on top an umbrella... I really don't know what was the aim but there were a bunch of participants... but of course my focus was on Kame *wink wink*

Kame playing with his ball hehehehhee *no pun intended*


Thinking hard are we Kame-chan?... Kame trying to figure out the answer

Oh look at his sexy lips and expression as he attempts to answer!

hmmm... we all know this look... it's the shy defeated kame-look {giggle} I think he answered incorrectly... hehehe so cute!

However, almost immediately after, the Going! Sports&News Team answered a question correctly... Yatta!

AH! the Going! team answered correctly again! Oh look at Kame's happiness... all smiles at the victory!

and YES! Maru answered correctly to a question!... don't ask me which question... I don't know >.<

NAKAME SQUARE OFF at Calligraphy!

Kame's ready to represent his Going! Team in calligraphy

Maru representing his team... Yep, NaKame on opposing teams!

... and, NaKame Playoff one!

NaKame Playoff Two....
I really don't know who won, the video was in raw and I was busy capturing these shots!  Besides just seeing them out there trying their best and representing KaTTUN is enough to make me happy! :)))

And THEN, there was FOOTBALL or what others call soccer..

Kame cheering when they announced that Maru would be next for the soccer challenge...
MEMBER Ai <3 <3 <3

Representing KT of course!

Maru detailing his tactics to score the goal...



GO! Maru finally putting his football skills into action!

And he SCORES!!!! leaving the goal keeper in disbelief at the power and precision of Maru's kick!
such a funny face [giggle]

I just had to take it again... lol... this expression of his lasted for quite some time LOL

And that's it :))) I guess in the end things weren't so bad afterall... Thanks to Nakamaru and Kazuya ^_________^



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