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Happy Friday Minnasan!

Here's KAT-TUN's J-net Christmas Message. If you wish to see the video (which is in raw), download it at kat_tun5 

The translated message (notes) is as follows....

Merry Christmas, we are KAT-TUN!

Hello, ni hao

Tanaka: Well!  Speaking of which

Kamenashi: It’s already Christmas

Tanaka: That’s right

Nakamaru: It’s already the end of the year

Tanaka: 2010 was full of live concerts

Nakamaru: Our first overseas concerts are what really stick out to me in 2010

Tanaka: We were able to go to Taiwan and Korea

Kamenashi: And we got to go around the country on our arena tour

Tanaka: Yeah, and we talk about how we want to do it again next year

Nakamaru: I want to go next year too

Kamenashi: So what would the concerts next year be like, Nakamaru-kun?

Nakamaru: Well, we’ll probably be able start early.  Like in spring

Kamenashi: Really?

Nakamaru: That’s what I’ve heard

Kamenashi: You go you news expert

Tanaka: It hasn’t been finalized

Nakamaru: It hasn’t been finalized

Kamenashi: You’re in KAT-TUN but you’re also the news expert

Tanaka: That doesn’t make sense. (laughs)
All of us have to know about it or it wouldn’t make sense

Nakamaru: Well, the point is is that we want everyone to look forward to next year

Kamenashi: To our group concerts sure, but also to things we might be doing individually.  I think we’d like to try a variety of things in 2011, positively, so I hope all of you look forward to that.

Tanaka: Yes!

Nakamaru: Oh!  It’s the end already!

Taguchi: Always bad at rounding things up

Tanaka: Okay, this was a message from KAT-TUN

Taguchi: Bye byeee, ahn nyeong ha se yo

Translation: momoedgewood
Screen Shot: kat_tun5 
Tags: member: junnosuke taguchi, member: kamenashi kazuya, member: tanaka koki, member: ueda tatsuya, members: nakamaru yuichi

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