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picspam: 20110423 Koki and Ueda and Solio 'road trip'

So just finished watching Ueda and Koki on their mini road trip, promoting the suzuki solio.. the trip was mainly talk about KATTUN and it's members...other members of Johnny's were mentioned, flashbacks into their Johnny's Junior days and random talks... They had a barbeque somewhere between their starting point and near Mount Fuji which by the way was looking as beautiful as ever... I must hike Fuji-san at some point in my life!... anyways... the hype of my evening was at the final 3-5 minutes of the video when Ueda and Koki ended their session with a roller coaster ride... their expressions..... PRICELESS!!!!!


All happy and steady before the roller coaster ride

LAUGH OUT LAUGHING at Koki's expression... I think he was shouting "scary... scary" here.

giggle... this was like their first descend... Ueda's hair all messy (a rarity) and Koki is screaming like a bitch! lol

Koki's expression...... PRICELESS!!!!

Can you spot them? lol I would be screaming like crazy myself!

Ueda's messy hair is cute ne :) Koki finally finding the strength to smile {chuckle}

Finally some relief... at this point I was still dying from laughter!

Koki is really enjoying himself ne :) and Ueda busy fixing his hair lol

Yatta! They survived the ride!

KoDa had real fun afterall... and so did I having watched them xD

el fin... task completed... I hope solio paid them well for their ordeal!
I just had to capture their final moments... KoDa! <3 <3 <3 I wish all the KT members were present... particularly scary-cat Maru... I can only imagine xD
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