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2011.05 Popolo: Kamenashi's Going! Manga

This mini manga is somewhat related to/or is similar to this 'Only Star' (2011.03) interview.....  Each time Kame manages to charm someone new {and in this case,  a reporter covering the Dramatic Game 1184 *-*}... my heart just surrenders ... they called this effect, his "Idol Power"! But I think he does it just by being his dorky honest and passionate self ^________^

.... Not to mention how cute Kame's manga drawing is... and his hair style couldn't be more typical but very accurate {laughs in adoration}... I really do think this manga adequately represents him and his many emotions and expressions he shows whenever baseball is concerned...

manga is read from right to left (<-----------------------o

Popolo 2011. 05
(c) kissmegreen / momo-edgewood
Thanks to momo-chan for putting up with my incessant flailing over Kame's baseball kawaii/ness.....
and who translated this for me :)))

"Nervous smile as he gets handed a ball, but the moment he gets the bat he posed! Getting right into it now... ends cool with the standard pose... so cool" - popolo (may, 2011)

and Yes... Kame is adorable in suits... and AOKI did recognise this fact, talent and loads of sexiness!

Baseball Kame is very kawaii and kakoii indeed!!!!
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