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Picspam: Why do fans love Going! Sports&News? Kame tells us :))

I made an appearance in Going! for the first time after the big disasters. They could not plan for a normal show and I could not be smiling broadly as I would usually do. I seemed to have been very stiff faced. But, I heard later that there were many complaints made to the station by the disaster stricken people that they wanted to see my smiling face.

I finally understood the value of smiles.

   - Kamenashi Kazuya (2011)
   -  Translation kissmegreen  My sensei, after checking out Kame's perfect eyebrows [giggle], helped me with the translation :) love  her like crazy..

These screencaps are  from Going!  April 24th, 2011..... take  a peek at what Going fans crave.... that Kamenashi Smile ... so wide and genuine...  you forget your worries even if it's for an instant... :)))




Kawaii desu ne ^_^

The ever popular and anticipated 'douzo' moment!
hahah Ueda-san must hate me for this screencap {giggle} it's funny to look at though lol

Kame: "Can you guess where I am?"

Kame: "come on come on take a guess!"

Yes Yes, I'm at the Fukuoka Yahoo Dome.... BUT guess where at the dome?..

Ahhhh... did you guess right... Yes that's the tiny me atop the Fukuoka Yahoo Dome >.<

Kame and Ueda- san again having one of those chats about Kame's 'Homu-Run Projecto'!
..... Oh I really enjoy their interaction >.<

Don't you feel like you wanna smile too...
I'm sorry Ueda-san, I feel like I'm always catching you at the wrong times lol

Kame defending himself to Ueda-san lol .... Oh I really love this determined look on him... like he saying, "you watch me, I'll prove myself and make you eat your own words"!

Kame's smile really is refreshing ne >.<

Kame's desire to burst out laughing is totemo kawaii
I just wanna to tickle him and let that beautiful sound fill my ear and let my heart overflow with his heartiness!

Look at Kame's shy laughter... look at his cute little hands *dies*
Going is just pure awesomeness!

Going, I love it!

... And I hope you love it too :)))
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