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Throwback - Cartoon KAT-TUN: Kame Interviews the Meat-Loving Boy (raw)

So after listening to last week's kase by kase (Nov 29, 2010) and reading the translated report at plumerika  I remembered this episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN where Kame was going about interviewing all sorts of people on the topic of Love. Anyhow, Kame was interviewing this little boy, age 6 at the time hehehe...  Kame asked "what's your favourite food (ichiban), 2nd fav (niban), 3rd fav (sanban), and he answered "NIKU" meaning meat on all three occasions. Lol... Then Kame asked "what Kind of meat he liked?" and he said chicken meat was first, pork was second, but that he didn't really like cow's meat. Then Kame playfully teased him in the end by saying, "let me see the meat" and so the kid showed his stomach :)  ha ha so cute... ... see the video


hehehe, Kame is such a darling... he really is good with kids.... demo, I want to sit on his lap too!

Length: 1:04



Tags: cartoon kat-tun, member: kamenashi kazuya

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