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(2011.04.29) Kazuya Kamenashi in AOKI 3D slim cool CM

This AOKI 3D 'Slim Cool' commercial was really "kool and perfect" as Kazuya-kun shows off his Sexy, Dynamic and Acrobatic moves while "PERFECT", one of KaT-TUN's coupling songs for their new Single "WHITE" plays in the background!

OMG, I love that teasing smile plastered across his face during the last few seconds of the CM... (giggle)

Kame Kawaii!!!!


Title: Kazuya Kamenashi in AOKI 3D 'Slim Cool' CM
Length: 0:31s
Download: MF
Size: 1.68MB
Ripped from: kattunmylove.YT
Image: AOKI
Tags: cm, download: video, member: kamenashi kazuya

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