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trusting Patrick's Advice o.O.....

Hmmm, do you think he could be on to something? Can we really trust his advice?! afterall, 

THIS IS Patrick!!!

(c) arashijun


you know what?

I think you're right Patrick (for once).... for some reason I'm really excited for Shige... I really do want to strip him... in more ways than one! *hidden desire*

It must be his husky voice from the "Never Ending Wonderful Story" concert DVD (Thx to my secret friend for giving me ----> you know who you are ne :)... xoxo I really want NewS to get a new single... so I can see the current side of them.... maybe then Shige will show some skin!

with that said:
ThANK God It's Friday... William and Kate are now married...BUT thankfully, Harry is left for me to drool over!

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