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E-POP November 2010 Issue: KAT-TUN (Pop-Chatroom) Translation

1) E-POP: KAT-TUN held concerts in Asian countries, did you guys learn a foreign language?
Ueda Tatsuya: None. (Laughs) When we held a concert in Korea, I can asked Yuichi to translate for me. He understands a little talk in Korean. (Laughs), I actually understand simple Korean language like "Give me a glass of water"
Kamenashi Kazuya: I have learned a little Korean. Now I already can introduce myself in Korean. "Annyeonghaseyo, janeun iyeyo Kamenashi Kazuya." 
Taguchi Junnosuke: I understand the talk "Annyeonghaseyo" (Korean) and "Ni Hao" (Chinese). Perfect, right?
Tanaka Koki: I used to go to Thailand, I asked the people there to teach me a word that can warm the atmosphere. They have taught me a word. When I catch up, they were all shocked to see me. At first, I am wondering. Then, at last I do understand the meaning of the word. Apparently the word means "After completion, let's meet me in the room." (laughs) ~ now I just understand that harass word is really an effective word to warm the atmosphere and close the relationships with other people

2) E-POP: If possible, whose Otou-san do you want to be?

Nakamaru Yuichi: Junno ~ hehe .. so whoever be Koki's Otou-san,  of course will be very difficult. But it's not easy also if want to be Junno's Otou-san
Ueda Tatsuya: Yucchi ~ I want to train him to become more manly.
Taguchi Junnosuke: Yucchi ~ because he is matured as an adult. If Yucchi is my son, he must be very obedient to me,

3) E-POP: How do you all share the burden of household work?
Ueda Tatsuya: Emm ... Koki only knows how to cook fast foods , while Yucchi always forgot to put flavor in Omu-Raisu (Rice Omelete). Therefore, let Yucchi and Junno neat / clean the house. Kazuya cook , because he can cook very well.
Kamenashi Kazuya: I'm always busy with household works. At home, I always cook for them. There was once a time, Me, Junno and Koki went traveling together. When I don't feel like eating outside, I'll cook. I always tell them to sit down and watch TV because I want to cook alone. (laughs) ~ I dont want to let them help me cooking because both of them are inaccurate. 
Tanaka Koki: Junno tidy the house, Kazuya cooking, Yucchi wash the clothes, others dont have to do anything. (Laugh)

4) E-POP: What can bring happiness to you?
Tatsuya Ueda: When I managed to create a song. When the song is completed, I feel proud because I have spent a lot of time composing it 

5) E-POP: Who is a member surprised you at a first sight?
Taguchi Junnosuke: Koki! At the beginning I saw Koki, I think he is cute like hybrid kid. But after known him, apparently he is not cute at all. 
Nakamaru Yuichi: Ueda ~ At the beginning of his short and black hair, he looks like a mischievous teenager. But now he look more and more responsible to himslef.

6) E-POP: If KAT-TUN was a music band, what do you want to do? 
Ueda Tatsuya: I hope to play various music's instruments. Although I hope to play drum, but I dont want to become a drummer. It's so lonely as a drummer who always sit alone at the corner of the stage.

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