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mag scans: Ryo: Can Cam (2011.05)

So having watched episode one (1) of "Inu wo kau to iu koto", I must say, I'm already drawn in/to the plot and the characters... But, since I haven't seen much of Junno in the first episode, I'll start off with Ryo.... etto, basically, this is my first time watching Ryo's acting...  actually, this is my first time being this interested in him as an individual member of NewS, so I guess this can be considered as a part of my ongoing, "Project Getting to Know NewS".... .>.<

Alot happened in episode one, but it also paved the way for many more things to unveil throughout the drama..... and although Ryo's character seemed passive, he was also believable and was presented like someone I'd definitely want to know more about... Sooooo, I impatiently await episode two!

For this occasion, I've sourced some scans.... just 4 scanned pages, but I think Ryo is smoking hot!!!!!


Download: MF
4 Pages
Tags: magazine scans: other, news: member: nishikido ryo

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