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picspam: some random facts about "NewS"

Continuing with my "Project Getting to Know NewS", let me just say,
ewS are Hot, Kool & Sexy!!!!!!"

Ohhhh... so this is the famous "man - 'Boobs' I love them! {chuckle}
Yamapi is well toned... now I'm all pumped up to watch 'Ashita no Joe" *wide grin*

Shige, my NewS Ichiban.... this dude is so smart, corny sometimes but oh so cute!

Koya! The first time I met him was when I watched Yukan Club with Junno and Jin...
BUT, I still didn't know who he was until I found out about NewS then I was like, 'ehy, that's the guy!' lol

For some reason I like the KoyaShige combo so here goes:

Kakkoii desu ne *wide grin*

At first I wasn't a fan of his eyes at all, but NOW, I think they are so daring....
I just want to provoke him just to see what expressions or looks he'd give me! *mischievous grin*

The many perspectives of Shige *squeals*

Tego really wears his clothes well ne! I love his cheek bones....
I met him first in Yamato *such a cute drama*

Massu... he looks mischievous here ne! *giggles*

YAMAPI!... my first NewS' love (sorry Pi, but Shige has now taken that spot) >_<... I am so in love with his eyes, his cheek bones and his lil pout *cute*
His seemingly quite nature makes you want to know more about him ne *_*

Ryo, I must say I know the least about him... maybe because he hasn't gotten much recent interviews...
BUT fangirls love him, so I'm interested to go digging!

Koya! for some reason Koya reminds me of Nakamaru from KAT-TUN *don't yah think"*
and I love Yuicchi!!!!

SHIGE! xoxo I'm loving the stare *happiness*

{giggle} that's what makes him so special!

This is really a KOOL pic... the guys are rocking some good fashion!

I take it that Luffy is Shuji... after all isn't that the near "shuji to akira" famous pose?!

The destined duo: Shuji to Akira

I just had to post this: it's the cheek bones that drew my initial attention...  they are really beautiful!!!

Yamapi... Shige...  Tego... too cute!!!

        better viewed in windows picture viewer or whatever programme you use.
cute random stuffs!

all - according to starberry-cupcake :)
THanKs hun :)))



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