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Koki Tanaka helps out earthquake victims in Miyagi

Koki Tanaka (25) personally delivered food supplies and checked up on old friends in Miyagi prefecture over the weekend, it was revealed on March 27, reports Daily Sports Online and Sponichi Annex.

Tanaka had met Shouya Takeda, a boy living in Miyagi, through the charity TV show “24時間テレビ (24-hour TV)” back in 2006 and had been in contact with him since.

The Johnny’s talent had been worried about how things were after the earthquake and drove up to Shouya’s hometown in his car.  It has been reported Tanaka had stocked his car up with rice supplies, water, and canned foods.  He had arrived at night on March 26 and managed to find Shouya was okay.  The following day, he, Shouya, and Shouya’s father went to the Tagajo city evacuation centre to donate his food supplies.

Once back in Tokyo, Tanaka had said he was relieved Shouya was alright, but he got sad looking at how hard life was for those living in evacuation centres right now.

Although Johnny’s Entertainment does not allow its artists to give autographs and/or have photos taken, Koki signed and posed for a few fans in hopes that it makes them a bit more happier.

Various tweets and blog reports by those who were there say that they were impressed by him and that he’s a “really good guy”.


Tanaka’s agency Johnny’s had said the talent had the weekend off and must’ve made the choice to go up to Miyagi by himself.

Koki really warms my heart *smiles with satisfaction*


source/credit: momo-edgewood.wordpress
tweetscap: sujin.tokyohive

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