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Ueda goes mushroom hunting

2021.11.25  KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

This episode was fun to watch XD from Ueda getting excited from scare when he heard about possible bear sightings to him putting on his cute little bear bell lol and then he got treated to tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) by his director. It's really cute though he was watching her in disbelief that she actually made it for him lol


Ueda really wanted an adventure and he's getting it...
from having to watch out for bears to racing other mushroom hunters and even the deer who eats them lol They're on their way to the third location so I hope they'll find the special type of mushroom they're looking for XD

I'm not sure how long they keep episodes up for but you can also watch on Tver.


And for once, Nakamaru's MC segment with Karen actually seems legit, like he was hosting her. I found it interesting that he was so into it then realised, 'oh, it's probably because she's also learning beatboxing so Nakamaru feels some sort of camaraderie lol

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