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kame catches a shark

2021.11.19  KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun


I really laughed at Kame catching a shark instead of saba lol He was so excited too pulling it in lol.

And then he's such  a scout wanting to make fire from the charcoal even though his director kept backing off  saying he has no confidence in himself lol
Then Kame's reaction as being told it would take 30-40mins for the fire to catch had me laughing but even funnier is the director taking out the fan to speed things up lol It reminded me of my childhood days when I used to visit my grandma in the country and she used to cook with wood... oh man, I sometimes blew so hard on the wood that I seemingly lost all my senses lol

And some more gettun offical photos!

Ueda's turn next week!

Kame happy to have finished almost an hour earlier than usual lol

See y'all next time !
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