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legally blonde Kame !

Seasons change and quite literally, Kame did too!

Maybe yesterday or the day before someone posted on twitter this very low quality photo (above) saying the blond hair guy was Kame... yes, the blonde was very obvious but judging if it was Kame was rather difficult...

Okay... I was thinking the jawline resembles Kame but wasn't that over the top thinking? lol

Anyway, back to Kame taking the change of season quite literally!

Today he posted this tuff of blonde hair! Hushed face

A Kame from 5 or 6 years ago was easy to imagine blonde but now, I find it hard.. nonetheless, I really look forward to it and whatever new project he's working on <3 Smiling face
Tags: fangirl-ing, member: kamenashi kazuya, randoms

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