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magazine scans: (2011.02) MYOJO

Happy 5th Anniversary KAT-TUN !!!!

Today is a special day, yes, KAT-TUN's 5th Anniversary..... Happy 5th Anniversary KAT-TUN *throws confetti*, I shall remain charmed by you for another 5 years and way beyond that... Please do continue working hard at improving yourselves (personally, professionally and socially)... and I'll be right here or anywhere, always supporting and cheering you on :))))....

This magazine scan isn't much... just what you see in the preview, a lil something to celebrate my first J-pop Love -----> KAT-TUN and my first anniversary with them and by extension you guys (^_^)

Download Tittle: (2011.02) MYOJO 
Download Link: MF
File Size:
Original Source: kattunmediabrazil.blogspot
Database Source: filetram
Tags: kat-tun, magazine scans: myojo

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