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Happy Birthday to Nakamaru

2021.09.20 Nani Suru KAT-TUN

The way Kame and Ueda decided to piss off Nakamaru then cheer him up with a birthday present lol
Only KT would have this sort of logic to show affection lol


I really laughed at the photograher deliberately calling Nakamaru, Nakamura lol you could really see Nakamaru's mood dropping... and while he's smiling, saying it's OK, his eyes were pissed off as hell... same when the female announcer pretended to forget his name lol

Then he got his surprise cake and confetti and heartfelt letter but his mood was so low that the surprise birthday party wasn't enough to bring him 100% happiness lol

I look forward to Ueda's birthday celebration next month!


May they always be together celebrating birthdays like a family <3
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