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cucumber is good for the skin

2021.09.16 KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

Kame once again shopping longer than he should lol
And Ueda and those cucumbers.. I eat cucumbers regularly because they're healthy but I can't recall a time I found them delicious.. yes, I like cucumber juice and I like fresh cucumber with some salt but no one would get me dying over it like Ueda... then they added the miso dip and I found my mouth watering lol Ueda's stomach doesn't lie lol



And then

Kame: Nakamaru, you didn't show up at all huh
Nakamaru: not at all lol
K: what's your trip this time again?
N: eel

lol he'll get his turn next turn week ! XD
Tags: clips, food treasures gettun, kat-tun

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