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2011/03/21 - First K-Chan NEWS after 3/11 earthquake

Summary of the first K-chan NEWS radio show since the Tohoku Earthquake.(Today’s guest on the programme was Takahisa Masuda – the two were very polite and the show was toned down a lot today).

Koyama started by addressing what had happened just over 10 days ago.

“Our prayers go out to all those who were lost and those who are now in evacuation centres.”

He then continued to talk about what it was like for Massu and him.

“Me and Massu were at home then, and the shaking was slow at first but then it kept getting bigger and bigger.”

Massu had said he heard a lot of fans were worried about whether NEWS were okay, and were using Twitter to communicate with each other.

Koyama added, “all six of us are okay”.

Koyama said the radio station had received a lot of mail, and the least NEWS could do was use music to bring some hope back into people.

Song aired: “Kibou -Yell-”

After the song, the two introduced a handful of letters from fans, which included:

  • A fan in Miyagi prefecture who said she was alone in her home with no power, no gas, and no running water.  She said she was sad K-chan NEWS was cancelled last week but their song “Kibou -Yell-” made her feel better.

Koyama and Massu had said they were happy they could at least help through music.  Koyama said he hoped everyone could get over this disaster together.

  • Another fan who lived on the coast of Miyagi prefecture had said she thought she was going to die when she saw the tsunami which destroyed her home.  But she wanted to thank NEWS for giving her hope.

The two had said that rebuilding a house would be hard, but they hoped they could support her in some way.  They also said to not forget that people all over the world are also helping Japan out right now.  Massu urged not to give up hope.

  • One fan from Kanagawa prefecture had said that she wasn’t prepared for how dark her house would be with the blackout.  Although their house had running water and gas, they didn’t have a torch.  She said her mother found her NEWS DIAMOND concert pen light, which turned out to be brighter than a torch.  She wrote in to thank NEWS for giving her family some light.

The two had said they were surprised their merchandise could be used to help people.  Koyama said he’s affected by the planned blackouts in Tokyo region too because he lives in Kanagawa.  He said although he was a little daunted by not having electricity for three hours, he thought that compared to the people in northern Japan who have no power at all, if him getting through three hours without power could help someone, he could put up with it.

Massu said the power shortage had made him realise how much electricity is wasted and that we need to save power in general.

  • The next was a fan from Saitama prefecture who said she was in Harajuku when the earthquake hit, but because the trains had stopped, she couldn’t get home.  She said she made it to the emergency shelter at Aoyama Gakuin University and felt safe with the university students giving her water and checking up on her to make sure she was alright.
  • Another fan from Kumamoto prefecture had said she wanted to send our her prayers to all of the victims, and thanked NEWS for their messages on J-web.

Massu had said he remembered that after the earthquake hit, all of their regular uploads were delayed and ended up being sent out all at once.  He said the group had thought about what to write and worked together to make their message.

The two had said that Johnny’s is trying to think of all the possible ways they could help, including the transport trucks and power-supply trucks.

  • The final letter was from a fan in Aichi prefecture who said communication problems had her worried about her friends up north.  She said she had got in contact with all her friends, but she was very anxious while mobile networks were down.

Koyama said it was good to hear all her friends were okay, but we needed to remember that a lot of people in northern Japan still haven’t got in contact with loved ones.

The two ended the show by sending a message out to everyone in northern Japan to say that they weren’t alone.  People across Japan, including themselves, are supporting them.

The ending song was “NEWS NIPPON”

Summary Provider and Trans Credit: momo-edgewood.wordpress

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