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How Kame spent 10 mins choosing salt lol


This was a fun episode to watch. Again, I think it's because GETTUN is finally getting the pacing right so you could actually enjoy following the boys around without feeling you're being rushed.

As I said on twitter, Ueda must be fuming on the inside for having to eat ice cream and salad instead of Kame's no doubt delicious clam wanton soup lol
That aside, I think everyone enjoyed this trip this time. Nakamaru got his fill of food! like wow, he really eat a lot this time. Ueda could try something new. He'd never had biwa/loquat before now and Kame could eat to his heart's content as well as do his favourite thing, cook.



Still, I still wish to see them together so thank goodness for Nani Suru!

AND are you guys excited for the release of Euphoria and We Just Go Hard on Sept 8th? I'm looking forward to everything!

Though I must admit, seeing KAT-TUN so active is a little scary lol
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