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KAT-TUN bowling and playing darts!

2021.06.28 Nani Suru KAT-TUN (full)

This programme is an absolute delight!!!! On one hand I wish it were every week but on the other hand, I'm happy they're taking their time to give us the best chill show and best performances ever! Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder Growing heartBlue heartPurple heart

These performances, where KAT-TUN would have the whole stage to themselves is the main reason I missed Shounen Club Premium.
So I'm very glad they have this opportunity and though I wonder until when it will last, I let out a sigh of relief when they said 'see you next month'



I really laughed at how Nakamaru was provoking Ueda with the 'power' then Kame also provoked him just because he likes to fool around too lol I just absolutely LOVE the atmosphere of them just being together and just having so much fun that Ueda accidentally tore off a piece of his sofa and of course showed it to Nakamaru lol

I am so excited for what they have in store for us NEXT MONTH!!!!

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