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Ueda went fruit picking !


I feel like I was right. Food Treasures is much better when they focus on one team an episode at a time... focus on one team while snucking in relevant bits and pieces from other members. This way, it's easier to focus and follow the programme properly.

First week, we had Kame then last week Nakamaru and this week, Ueda.

Ueda was really cute this episode. He seems so happy eating the fruit... biwa (loquat) for the first time ever in his life. Nakamaru's food reaction is always funny as it always seems exaggerated lol while Ueda is just trying his best saying 'it's sweet'... everything he got was either sweet or delicious lol but I also giggled to myself thinking, he must've had a hard time eating all that jam and sorbet since last time I checked, he wasn't into sweets.

Anyway, talking of food, Ueda and Kame opted to share their meal with their 'directors'. I found it cute in how Ueda offered the loquat to his director... I got the feeling of being taken care of by an older brother... something like, 'come, eat this' in this endearing tone XD Kame, also in this caring way offered some his food to his directors. So everyone really felt like part of a team... Nakamaru on the other hand just ate everything lol

Nakamaru and his directors have a patchy road but I think along the way they'll come to better understand each other and get close... Ueda or was it Kame?? did say that Nakamaru is 'my pace' he really moves at his own pace... like, 'you either understand him or you don't and he doesn't care' lol

Anyhow, I suppose next episode will be a wrap up with Kame cooking and other unaired scenes !
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