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Nakamaru, a fish in his previous life lol


I believe Nakamaru can't be on a boat and not sleep lol It's rather endearing <3
This week's ep was more fun to watch... I think it's because they focussed on one thing without much switching so you could get the full feel of the episode.. it actually felt like a wholesome ep instead of just a copy and paste.


and this cut lol

Nakamaru can't be on a boat & not fall asleep Rolling on the floor laughingI keep cracking up at how even the AD fell asleep Ueda: they look like siblings lol (which is funny since they're always bickering lol) . AD: Nakamaru feel asleep first Naka: No, you did first Ueda: It doesn't matter who's first lol



And are you guys watching Nakamaru's youtube channel with Nino and the others? Fun stuff ! XD
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