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KAT-TUN 15th Anniversary Tour

My first KAT-TUN concert was back in 2013 and since then I've been to quite a few... ok a lot over the years. So by now I figured I've gotten used to the giddiness but NO! unable to sleep last night and when I did dose off, dreaming of turning up at a venue in just my undershirt only to realise the venue I was, wasn't the right venue and had to run like crazy to the actual venue... made me realise that KAT-TUN still makes my heart beat lol But for real, over a month now I'd won tickets... happy I was (things considered with covid19 etc) but it wasn't until last night that I got the feeling of being unable to stay still.

KAT-TUN 15th Anniversary Tour 2021.06.01 Nagoya

I've also realised that since 2013 whenever I attend a KAT-TUN concert I always feel like I'm floating in a dream.. like, it's not real. Watching them on TV or browsing through my computer feels realer than watching them live. They step on stage and my heart just starts to beat... I remember holding my chest and thinking, "wow, it's been a while since I felt my heart move" lol

KAT-TUN is really home.

This write up won't be a fan report... this concert is exactly like the live streaming back in April so what I want to write about is my experience.

This was the shortest MC ever! I swear it didn't last more than 10mins (or perhaps I zoned out still in a daze)
- They refected on their 15 years together.. the changes. Remembering days from when they were back dancers to debut how far they've come.
- Ueda also said that after today only 4 performances are left and Nakamaru was surprised lol I guess like us, the tour seems very short!
- Kame also teased that the Nagoya crowd is quiet and usually a hard to please and I will have to agree. I didn't get the same buzz I would normally get at other venues but Nagoya is boring by nature... both the city and the people are boring so... lol

The Tengu section, Nakamaru said said Kame and Ueda are well behaved since in this segment they've always been naughty lol

My favourite songs:
Unlock - that interlude always gets me pumping. I felt my heart moving again here.
Tsuki no Michi - Kame has total control of this song. He was just chilling on stage, like it's his personal bed and it's hard to look away.
Danger - There's something dangerous watching them perform Danger lol I was really into this. Rocking and grinning under my mask lol
Desire - I noticed towards the end, Nakamaru ran his hand over Ueda's chest lol
Gold - Gold has always been a badass intro to anything

Solos perfs:
Kame performed first... Rain then Pure Ice. For Rain he was all emo hidden in the water fountain with his percious Dior jacket. Then for Pure Ice was so cute trying to pull of his lil rap lol I love that he tried something new. Kame has that body langauge that pulls in the audience so it was fun watching him.

Nakamaru was next with Change Your Mind and the boy just wants to dance. I really love this song. It always gives me the vibes of my early 20s driving on the highway on a Friday night with the windows down and the wind blowing in your face.

Then Boss Ueda's Yankee Kataomoi Chuu. Ueda really was built for the stage.. I think it's how his performance takes into account the audience.. like he wants to interact with us. It's always theatrical and in the end, he banished the guy pretending to be a girl to death lol (one of the johnny's junior boys I think). Anyhow, it was fun watching !

Other unimportant but important stuff;

- I couldn't find my seat and a Japanese Hyphen tried to help me... even though she too was lost lol Hyphens really are selfless crackheads lol

- My seat was decent. I was to the side so if they didn't come all the way to the front of the stage I would miss bit and pieces but they had big screens so I could watch everything. But once they came down, they were close enough for me to see very clearly... Nakamaru in person is handsome as hell! He's way more handsome than we see on tv or even in magazines!  Ueda wild as usual! By the 4th song (I think) but it was Fire and Ice, I don't know how or when but he was already half naked showing his full chest and abs lol and Kame's arms are so big! like he can wrestle the fuck out of you and you would let him because he's so damn sexy and what's up with that tongue?! -And I want mention that Ueda looks so damn good in coral pink eye shadow!!! Can someone please give him a make-up deal?!! It's so sexy that a man like him with muscles and looking stoic would confidently wear pink. Not even Kame's eye maekup was as bright as his. I've sinned a lot in that short 1.5 hrs.

- I've noticed that over the years, Ueda has been getting more and more male fans. I saw one in Arena! The last time I went to that same venue (Nagoya Civic Sport Centre Gaishi Hall) I saw a guy cosplaying him and thought that was so cool. This time, the guy in Arena HAD AN UCHIWA!!!! Not even I have one but he was holding Ueda's uchiwa for the world to see and his head was turning in every direction Ueda went. I was happy for him (and for me too since I was also on that side) when Ueda came over lol

I really can't remember anything else. They thanked us for coming inspite of covid19 and trying our best to have fun while wearing masks (and face shields) and being unable to shout as usual... speaking of shouting when it was time for the 'WE ARE KAT-TUN' I felt so lonely. That's normally my favourite part of their concerts... it always leaves me emotional but also it's my favourite because we could hold hands and seem to connect with KAT-TUN...  but the 3 shouted as loudly as they could... so loud I actually thought some folks in the audience shouted by mistake (I almost shouted) lol Anyhow, as Ueda said in his final speech, in a 3 or 5 years, things will surely get back to normal. I hope it will be so by next year !

forgive any typo ><'

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