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Nakamaru got his fish and Ueda buying sweets for the gang lol


This episode is really about Nakamaru regulating his reaction to eating his catch and Ueda buying sweets for his team, the taxi driver and the folks who'd be helping him with his adventure... also Ueda patting the baby's head... he's so soft!!! There's really this gap in how he looks (like an expensive yankee) and his actions lol but for real, even the way he speaks... it might seem direct and rude but his tone is so soft and kind... I love how the old lady and him started talking to each other like they're friends even Kame is like huh? lol


And I love how Ueda and Kame can tell when Nakamaru is really enjoying his food lol

And next week's preview!

Ueda in the kitchen for the next preview !
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