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Nakamaru goes fishing, Ueda finds himself an ojisan fan lol


I've come to the conclusion that  pissed off Nakamaru is scarier than Ueda and Kame and I find that cute and funny lol
I felt bad for him though... he had to wake up so early and travel so far but for this sort of trip, the time was too tight. I hope next time these directors will do a better job... trip quality-wise as well as edit-wise... I feel like as soon as I start watching the episode ends ><'

Anyhow, I shouldn't complain... !



I like how Nakamaru was adamant that he woudn't make the decision and that his director should be the one to decide whether or not he/they could eat the fish since technically he didn't catch it... in the end, I'm glad he could eat even if it was based on 'teamwork' . anyway Nakamaru is scary lol ... that's really nothing new btw.. people only see Ueda's 'bad mouth' ... it's funny how it's the first thing Ueda said to the taxi driver when he was recognised; 'what about his bad mouth? was it ok?' haha the taxi driver was cute in telling him it's 'ok' lol
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