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Nakamaru sleeping on a boat


I've concluded that 30 mins (which include the ads) is not enough pull off this format this programme will use. Sure they're in studio together but as for the hunt, it's a lot of cut and paste... as soon as you're getting ino a scene, it shifts to another then you forget what you were watching before... maybe it will take some time to get used to..


But on a different note. It's fun watching how KUN each take the lead lol

Kame is dead-on taking full leadership. I like how he turned down being called 'Kame-chan' saying it's too normal... so regular and instead settled for 'Nashi' lol

Ueda got his Tatsu-aniki haha Ueda acts tough and like being pampered by Nakamaru but he's a softie lol I love how worried he was about the girls... asking if they're ok.. think he asked them if they've eaten... he's really under stressed taking on this role so early in the morning lol

And Nakamaru, as expected, Nakamaru just wants to be called Nakamaru-san... no cutesy bullshit lol

Anyhow, it seems like they're having fun seeing what each of them have been up to. I could watch them watching themselves laugh forever <3

What do you guys think?
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