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Kame at the chicken

2021.04.22「KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン」I'm just going to call it KAT-TUN's Food Treasures Gettun (correct me if I'm wrong)


This week was definitely Kame-centric but with how short the programme is, it makes sense that they'll take turns and from the preview it seems like next week will be Nakamaru's time to show us his hunting skill lol

Oh man , I am still not sure what this programme is about... or how I feel about it??? I mean, it's refreshing in it's own way but I keep thinking how much more fun it would be if all 3 three go food hunting together... or at least at the same location.  From them just watching in the studio... I mean, it's not bad and maybe it's temporary... guess well see.

But man, these new directors are so young.

Nakamaru: how old are you?
Director: 26 years old. First time doing this kind of job.
Nakamaru: I'm very very worried lol

Ueda to the young lady directors: so it's you two ladies and me?
Lady directors: is that a problem?
Ueda: Not really, it's just too early (in the morning) for this level of stress (it was 6am) lol

Kame quickly took control. They are so used to being pampered by TnK and Producer Tamura but now he has to play the senior role here, having to drive himself. I laughed when he (I assume jokingly) asked if it's ok to rent a convertible lol

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to how things will play out ;)

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