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Nakamaru shopping and Fruit cutting ;)

2021.04.17 King's Brunch (Ousama no Brunch) Nakamaru


A few days ago I posted a poll on twitter about 'If you could spend a day with KUN' with 'herb gardening with Nakamaru' so I couldn't help but laugh when he said that a plant he had 2 years ago (probably bought it on this same programme) had died lol

It seems he likes gardening but is bad at it... same as me. I keep buying plants even though they die even with all the love I give them lol

I also love that he finally got his pairs of coloured sneakers since he always buys dark ones.. reminds me of a pair of shocking lime green sneakers my sister gave me... I must've worned it twice before tucking it in the shoes closet lol

And I just love how straight Nakamaru is on tv programmes... it's very different from Ueda's and Kame's atmosphere... I feel people don't know what to expect from Ueda and Nakamaru but with Kame they already have that preconceived image of him being Mr Sexy and  a big shot celebrity so I love when he shows them other sides of him XD

Anyhow, it's nice seeing them out there promoting GETTUN <3
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