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Tetsuko's House (with Nakamaru)

This 3nin picture was taken during KAT-TUN's charging period. I guess it's from that time Nakamaru arranged dinner with Ueda and Kame and later Kame teased him that even though hadn't met for a long time, Nakamaru only booked the restaurant for 2 hours... from 6pm to 8pm lol

2021.03.23 Tetsuko's House (with Nakamaru)

Nakamaru was also asked about the fights chibi KAT-TUN used to have so he was retelling the story of Ueda and Kame fighting over Ueda bumping into the mic... and Kame getting angry... When Johnny-san heard about it, he said it's a good sign they were frighting lol this reminds me of those comedians on an ep of Tame Tabi who felt bad after KAT-TUN didn't stop their 'fight scene/act' but Ueda told them not to feel bad, fighting is good haha

Nakamaru said his fruit carving is easy... I could never do it so I think he's just a good at it ;))

He also basically said, marriage doesn't sound like a bad idea but it depends on his KT's group activities (correct me if I'm wrong) XD
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